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Difficulty: Medium Tuesday, June 21, 2022

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CHAT LOG for Tuesday, June 21, 2022

12:19 am

Done. Fast clicker, almost as simple as an easy
2:33 am

Fun Medium ... fairly easy :
5:14 am

Is there data which side is better safer
6:03 am

Dont think so Mr O. Tall Mike, what is interesting too is that in the first few months crashes were much lower as everyone was being careful, then after a few months, back to normal.
6:15 am

Apparently its all the fault of the French and Americans, because they used the whips in their right hand to hit the horses so sat on the left. Up to the 18th century almost everyone drove on the left so they could use weapons in their right hand to attack their opponents!
6:17 am

About 65 now drive on the right in the world, although that equates to 163 countries, with only 76 countries driving on the left, but 35 of the world population.
6:32 am

not much difficulty in that medium
10:57 am

easy medium
11:12 am

One Medium trick. EZPZ everywhere else. 10