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Difficulty: Hard Tuesday, August 11, 2020

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CHAT LOG for Tuesday, August 11, 2020

12:17 am

Phil, why do you consider it a shame that many people tend to keep their opinions to themselves? The practice does not inhibit engaging with others in "spirited passionate discussions," it just inhibits you from expressing and explaining your own views, from which you would learn nothing anyway except how wonderful your ideas appear to yourself. You can then more easily listen to other people, focus on what they are saying, and request explanations, clarification and more details in order to fully understand them.
2:37 am

Indeed TM but where would the fun be in that? Thank you for sharing hk. Australia is also very multicultural and colour is thankfully becoming less of an issue with the racist right becoming more marginalised here, except for some of the Murdoch press - (funny we don't see the left as racist, possibly because they value fairness)
5:13 am

TRUMP 2020!
10:34 am

10:56 am

Best wishes HK on the surgery.
11:02 am

TallMike - you make a great point. Regurgitating my point of view does nothing for me and based on the empirical evidence in this chog, it does not appear to change the positions of any one else. So what is the point?
11:04 am

HK - I have a cousin that lives in Lexington, KY who practiced clinical psychology for 50+ years. He is retired now.
11:17 am

KT, the real shame is that social media feeds the frenzy to communicate by creating an illusion that what each of us says makes a difference. "At last people are listening to me" can create a powerful addiction. The only antidotes I know of are maturity, humility, distraction, and necessity.
11:33 am

"The only antidotes I know of are maturity, humility, distraction, and necessity." Brilliant! I may plagiarize that statement.
11:39 am

nothing hard about this puzzle.
11:43 am

KT, of course, and thank you for feeding my addiction.
2:05 pm

This was an easy Hard :)
3:27 pm

I come to this site to do my SUDOKU puzzle and relax. Some of the people who post on here are just regurgitating propaganda news. This is why some of you frustrate me and I would rather not even comment. Watch all the footage you want. I’m here. I’ve seen it. These protesters drive around in broad daylight while the sun is shining, sitting on the windowsill of the car doors yelling Fu€k the cops. And we know as we work or go about our business all day long what they are going to do at night and there’s nothing we can do about it. Almost all our officers are good people. They are family and community people. They are getting hurt and quitting as crime and homicide continues to rise in our cities. We do not want the protestors back. I’m sure there are peaceful protesters in the group but when the sun goes down the ones that don’t leave, attack our police and our businesses. The police defend themselves with non lethal force if possible. They are protecting us and our community businesses. How many of you know that George Floyd was a career criminal and held a gun to a pregnant woman’s belly while his friends robbed her?
TRUMP 2020!
3:46 pm

Amen !! Trump 2020
4:13 pm

I was just made aware of what's been going on in the chat log for the past few days. I tend to stay out of moderating in here, but things have clearly gotten out of control. This is a Sudoku site, folks. If you want to argue about politics, head over to Facebook or Twitter. From now on, political comments will be deleted. But please don't make me do that. I definitely have better things to do. Let's all just be Sudokuers.
4:39 pm

Ahhh, there is a (Dr_)God after all!
6:26 pm

Excellent news!
8:16 pm

Dr God to the rescue!!!
9:14 pm

Thank you Dr God