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Difficulty: Expert Saturday, March 14, 2020

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CHAT LOG for Saturday, March 14, 2020

12:19 am

extremely simple
12:50 am

Got all excited to see an expert. Turns out it was much easier than most easy puzzles....
2:58 am

KT pot calling kettle black re Singapore. US still executes how many? Locks up how many for years for minor drug possession? But at least they look after their people a lot better.
2:59 am

3:08 am

7:07 am

KT and Phil, the first question remains an open question. When USAToday publishes their "US coronavirus map" they include the note "Because of a lack of data and testing, this is an incomplete picture." Since the US is not doing robust testing (at least not yet), it is reasonable to expect that the number infected is larger than the number of documented cases. How much larger? Unfortunately, according to a 28 February 2020 article in ProPublica, we refused to use the international test, wasted time and resources developing a flawed test, and finally have a test that might be reasonable.

The bigger problem is that a pandemic is dangerous so long as anyone is infected and untreated. The approach so far appears to be mostly to cater to pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies. Perhaps covid-19 is the best argument for a medicare for all type of system.
7:49 am

This is one of the easiest Expert puzzles I have done. Nice.
1:03 pm

I'm 'staying home from school' for the good of the realm.
1:15 pm

1:21 pm

Also, thank you to everyone in the world who doesn't live in the US. Thank you for the mirror. Desperately needed here.

I watched the President go on national television yesterday, tell an extremely detailed lie. After watching, I thought, 'sigh, looks like they have some handle on this thing.' Not 30 minutes later does Google (provider of service lied about) make a statement telling everyone they're nowhere near what the President told us. He said ready to go, nationwide, really soon. Truth - they are testing in one small area in California. One trial not even begun as opposed to availability nationwide. He's got to go, one way or another, because he's fucking with many millions of lives here. More people will die because of this fool.
2:02 pm

Good luck hk