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Difficulty: Medium Saturday, July 20, 2019

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CHAT LOG for Saturday, July 20, 2019

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KT, Biographies of Colin Kaepernick would suggest a strong similarity in that he took a stand against racism and several honours were bestowed upon him for that reason. He used his high profile to stand up for something he strongly believed in at great personal risk. There is a lot to be said for the argument that both athletes were highly regarded, and although black footballers are highly admired for their football prowess, they were vilified for highlighting racism. Racism has clearly reared it's very ugly head in the US and to some extent here in Australia. I feel the Australian public is working towards the will to get rid of racism and finally start to acknowledge how other races actually are hurt by the words we say as well as the actions we take. I fear the US is going the opposite way, with racists clearly emboldened by the words and actions of the leader of the country. He rightly should be condemned for this. It's time for the silent majority to stand up and say, this is not right.
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HK, thank you so much for sharing such a tragic yet proud history of your family. One of the most moving experiences I felt was in the middle of this vast bare harsh country of ours, at a place called Alice Springs, I took a drive out of town to Anzac Hill where the words on the war memorial were lit up - Lest we forget.
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We must never forget history, we must yet learn from it to never let atrocities happen again. We must use history to be better people. Yet we make the same mistakes over and over again, we think we are better than others. we are told repeatedly by religions how others are different, they don't believe, they will go to hell, not heaven like us. We are told repeatedly how great we are yet others have all the problems. We don't look at ourselves. When we meet people, people from all walks of life, from all races and nations around the world, we realise that are just like us. Hospitable, friendly, warm, open and kind. It's built into humans. As the large run through banner at the SCG said in support of Sydney Swans great Adam Goodes said - just one word said it all. RESPECT. It's about time we showed our fellow people on this planet respect. From taking a stand at racism, to sharing our good fortune at being born in the luckiest parts of this one world we all live in, to protect this one world that we are stuffing up, causing billions of people to have to migrate from low lying floodplains due to climate change.
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The United States, the most powerful, rich country on the planet has had a great history at respecting others and the world up until now. Now the selfishness, the greed, the racism, the opposite of respect for anyone that isn't a winner in life through circumstance, most often than not, just because of where they are born. The willingness to support and turn a blind eye to atrocities by others if it works for your benefit. It's all coming out right at the very top. The leader is going the wrong way. Yet sadly there are those in large numbers that support this view. I don't believe they are bad people, they just need to reflect, to meet others, to show respect and to learn the truth, and to show courage and compassion to realise their words and actions have brought pain and suffering to others.
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I took time to reflect after that powerful documentary about Adam Goodes - The last quarter. I didn't think I was racist, yet I now realise, it is not enough just to respect our indigenous first peoples, I need to listen and learn from them. To gain knowledge and understanding, and to stand up and help others learn to respect them. And most importantly of all, not to stand by and remain quiet when others are not showing them respect.
2:09 am

A man who came back from the future asked a citizen who the president was? The citizen he was talking to said Donald Trump. The man from the future said which one? Junior or Senior? You, Phil, keep trashing my President. You can say whatever you want and even believe you’re right. But you aren’t right. You just don’t get it and you never will because you don’t want to. Or it could be true that you, who are outside the U. S. aren’t getting a well rounded view of what is going on. Phil, you are triggered by Trump!
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Personally Denise, I don't know the man. I certainly have the greatest respect for the office of the President of the United States. I'm not sure he das. What I don't respect are his tweets of racism and other hateful descriptions of citizens of his own country. I don't respect his inciting racism at his rallies. I don't respect his demeaning of women. I don't respect his ignorance of knowledge of the world. The other day he had to be told where Bangladesh was. A country of a population of 164.7 million (2017). And one where millions will die or be displaced due to rising sea levels caused by climate change that the rest of the world except Donald Trump is trying to do something about. His attitude is that by not doing so he can spend money on other things such as more weapons, or trade wars where he can bully others into submitting to an unfair deal. Those views I do not respect. I do not respect the disdainful comments about loss of life in Haiti. I do not respect his unilateral withdrawal from treaties signed by Obama, France, The United Kingdom, The European Union, China and Russia. His actions are not of a strong leader of principal, they are one of a bully who will use his power for his own ends with no respect for even the views of long term friends and allies. Do you not believe any of those things as fact Denise?
3:27 am
Grandma Barb

Phil, you have made accurate statements that reflect feelings of many US citizens. Thank you.
5:43 am

Think about the time it will take to undo the decisions of this government. Deficit > 1 trillion: can be undone in years but it will hurt. Trade barriers idem. But the danage to the environment is almost permanenet. And the climate will take 1000's of years to stabilize.

Another big conflict in the Middle East will destabilize the East-West relations for hundreds of years.

Think about that: how your grandchildren will hate this president because of the permanent damage to their world.
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Denise, can you please cite any examples where Trump has enhanced the US image on the world state? Where Trump has provided moral leadership? Where Trump has successfully tackled the growing income disparity in our country? Where Trump has aided farmers? Where Trump has done anything to bring our increasingly divided society? Where Trump has undertaken infrastructure repair?
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By the way, nobody has explained why Trump and his followers, who hated Obama’s America for eight years, didn’t all pack up and leave
8:36 am

All great empires die from within.
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I think congratulations are in order today, 50 years ago when man first stepped on the moon. a truly moments occasion for mankind as Neil Armstrong so famously said. It also shows what we can achieve when we work together. A tiny outback town in Western Australia, Carnarvon, where a tv repair man, a waitress and a Croatian migrant played helped giving the OK for Apollo 11 to leave Earths orbit and head for the moon. And where the tracking stations at Honeysuckle Creek just outside of Canberra broadcast the first 8 minutes and 50 seconds of Neil on the moon to TV around the World followed by Parkes in New South Wales. We all need friends around the world.
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Denise - You need to be the one to get out - travel the globe, meet new people, experience their histories, their cultures. Perhaps, the you will understand, why the vast majority of the world sees Trump as the emperor who forgot his clothes. It does not serve you well to look at things from a single perspective. This is also where educated dialogue begin.
7:29 pm

Not so easy, but I didn't notice the Medium trick. 16.
10:21 pm

OK, wow, HK, that was an amazing read. And thank you for understanding my confusion; it's not an easy leap from "arrested as a teenager" to "POW camp", but MAN what a story!
11:46 pm

I just had my free check up, blood tests etc. Need to lose around 12cm off my waist, 1cm per kg I wish to lose and my ldl is a bit high, bp a bit high. Interestingly I was told to cut down on cheese milk and chips, less red meat. I had a chat to a couple of my colleagues, one of who just lost wight but put on muscle with a keto way of eating. He said it worked really well for him. He suggested I watch a doco called the Magic Pill. Wow, very powerful and persuasive. So I'm going to ignore my health professional and give it a go. I'll let you know how I get on. BTW for those not interested in losing weight, I'd still recommend it for a little view of our indigenous peoples in the far north.
11:54 pm

Phil,\nmailings/featured-articles/articles/high-prot\nein-diets/ is worth reading in my opinion.
11:55 pm

Keto works. I started it a year ago along with daily walking
11:55 pm

and lost 50+ pounds. Went from a 42 waist to a 36 waist.