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Difficulty: Easy Friday, June 7, 2019

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CHAT LOG for Friday, June 7, 2019

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4:58 am

But KT surely you don't use a semi automatic rifle or bumpstocks etc? You probably hunt with a 303 at most. This are legal here in Australia too. AsPenguin says, its a more civilised approach. Concealed handguns I have a problem with.
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5:24 am

No, no Phil. I doubt KT has a 303. They were standard issue to Commonwealth troops during WW11, and maybe WWI; there are a lot of them around in this country (I have one) and yours. OTOH, it is likely KT has a semi-automatic rifle of some sort. If not so, KT, I apologise.
6:02 am

KT, first we agree completely regarding tobacco. Given what we know about the explicit lies in decades of tobacco marketing there are strong grounds to make it illegal. But it isn't going to happen because of large donations to lawmakers (legal bribery). The root of the problem predates Citizens United in a case called Buckley v Valeo.

Nice to have a couple of points of agreement.
6:11 am

Second, we know that prohibitions do not work. We know this because of the US Constitution's 18th and 21st amendments. The medicinal benefits of alcohol are fairly limited and the damage caused by it is extensive. But there are religious considerations (holy wine), community traditions (the public house), culinary enjoyment (tastes vary, but some form of alcoholic beverages tastes good to each of us), and the general concept of freedom (and perhaps more).

This applies to tobacco, alcohol, and, yes, guns. That something is illegal does not mean it does not exist, rather it means that it is limited and often marketed illegally making for a law enforcement nightmare.

And I'm reminded of a twist to an old line: if marriage is illegal then only outlaws will have in-laws. :-)
6:26 am

Third, all that would be needed to limit weapons in the United States would be for the Supreme Court to recognize the second half of the one sentence of the 2nd Amendment, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, in the context of the first half, it being necessary for there to be a well regulated militia. One reasonable interpretation of a well regulated militia is the National Guard, which could then see automatic weapons and such legal in the confines of National Guard armories. Controversial to some, and hostile language according to the NRA, but an easy interpretation of the wording.

And an additional amendment is not impossible. Every generation of the United States has seen the Constitution amended. The provision to do so is in the Constitution.
6:32 am

Fourth, the argument that gun control is ineffective is specious. Chicago's gun control laws are ineffective because there is no border control (and there should be no border control for those traveling within the US). The assault weapons ban (part of the 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994) was legal and effective but was allowed to lapse.
6:46 am

Fifth, let's return to a point of agreement. One of the American epidemics is obesity. The reasons are obvious, diet and exercise. The Standard American Diet (which has a fitting acronym) is terrible. Doctors talk about it but people usually do nothing there are two reasons, the move obvious being hypocrisy. A fat doctor telling a patient to lose weight will be ignored.


The other gets back to money in politics.

6:47 am

I have more but don't have time to continue this morning. That will have to suffice. Happy puzzling!
9:34 am

Well put Penguin
9:35 am

On a lighter note, just saw Rocketman, the new Elton John movie, brilliant.
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11:26 am

Penguin - I know the constitution can be changed. The last change was in 1992 - 27th amendment - having to do with (gasp) pay changes (meaning raises) for members of Congress. That took 200 years to be ratified from its initial introduction. The ERA has still not been ratified although I was a youngster when it was proposed. As far as the interpretation of the 2nd amendment - so far (thank God) it has not been interpreted in the way you described - that is with both liberal and conservative courts. I do not have a 303. I do not have an assault style rifle. I hunt deer with a .270, elk with a 7mm (both bolt action). I hunt birds with a 20 gauge single shot and ducks with a 12 gauge pump action. I have numerous handguns - most of which sit in a safe. When I hunt I carry either an 9mm, .40 cal, or .45 - a 1911G model. All are semi-automatic. I do also have some revolvers I like to shoot. Mostly I buy guns because I like to collect them and enjoy shooting them at the range. I have know way of proving it, but empirically I think many gun owners in America are like me.
11:54 am

Penguin - You are wrong. Chicago is perfectly abutting the border. as are most of the major cities in the US. The border zone is home to 65.3 percent of the entire U.S. population. The 'border zone' is 100 miles inland from any US border. Please stop spreading misinformation about Chicago, I keep saying the problem here is mostly gang related. Dontcha worry, I see plenty of ICE agents here. ICE makes it's share of gun-related arrests here.
12:18 pm

2:04 pm

HK, how am I wrong? Are you are saying that Chicago has border control??!? Last time I was there it was easy for me to drive into and back out of Chicago without being stopped or the contents of my car being checked. How is the flow of guns into Chicago controlled?
2:20 pm

I was stuck for a while. But after a nap it all came out after a difficult loner and a difficult pair. 22.
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