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Difficulty: Expert Wednesday, February 14, 2018

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CHAT LOG for Wednesday, February 14, 2018

12:31 am

Three guesses.
3:54 am

5:40 am

5:46 am

Done 2 guesses
5:54 am

I haven't read The Fatal Shore KnightTime, so can't comment, but i'll look it up. And let me know if you're coming over and I'll make give you some suggestions if you'd like, same for you CLG47.
5:58 am

Nice list drwho. Of course there's a lot of debate as to the number of countries in the world, 193 plus The Holy See and of course Palestine. If you're Chinese, Taiwan wouldn't be on your list. But you'd have to be googling I reckon to get over 100, I might try one day. And of course, Scotland England Ireland Wales and Northern Ireland are all separate countries.
7:51 am

How about Colorado (one of my favorite states), Lousianna, Maine, Indiana, Oregon and Tennessee?
9:10 am

Heard of them all Judy, just couldn't recall them, sorry
9:14 am

The list of states is easy for me, in first grade we learned the song "Fifty Nifty United States" so all 50 alphabetical is a cinch. For countries, I would recommend "Yakko's World" from the Animaniacs cartoon, but it's not as easy to memorize (and out of date, although the voice of Yakko, Rob Paulsen updated it last year
9:38 am

You did a great job, Phil. Much better than I did with the countries.
3:19 pm

Phil, Georgia is the largest state east of the Mississippi River with Atlanta as its capital and home to the world’s busiest airport.
8:40 pm

Thanks TallMike. I looked it up and I should have known it was Sri Lanka, but like Brussels and Belgium, I was having a mental block.
9:05 pm

Phil, I am learning more about the UK, it is composed of 4 countries, and itself is one of many realms in the Commonwealth of Nations, with Queen Elizabeth as head of state. Until recently the UK was also a member of the European Union. But disentangling themselves from that is easier said than done.