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Difficulty: Easy Sunday, September 24, 2017

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CHAT LOG for Sunday, September 24, 2017

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I completed the puzzle. I probably will not get a WH invitation for doing so.
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Nice one KnightTime.
12:14 am

Another example of a kid throwing a tanty.
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12:18 am

I think the basketball player has spoken eloquently and calmly expressed his dissatisfaction at the way the people of the US have been let down. And he gets that response! Another example of alienating huge swathes of people with a few ill thought out tweets.
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Done. ng, ng.
7:17 am

@Tallmike: the EU has no such power and does not do this: "The EU can and does impose arbitrary regulations which at their worst destroy entire regional industries..." - this is complete BS as most EU proposals can be vetoed by member states.
7:23 am

@Phil - no the rest of the world in general does not think thet T**** is clearly intelligent, with the exception of the people in Nambia of course.
7:28 am

I love how US citizens think they're experts on other countries. I think I used to be in that category, before spending 16 years in Canada. Everyone should have the advantage the perspective of living in another country.
7:45 am

What was our alternative? Can you imagine having a president who, after her defeat, had a breakdown <-incoherent. 1: That candidate wouldn't have been president, that candidate lost. 2: why has no one mentioned all the other candidates who have written about how they were depressed after losing? 3: You had lots of choices, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, etc.... Plus Hillary did not lose. She just was not named by the Electoral College. Plus Trump only got the nod by the Electoral College in a few states where the margin of victory was well within the margin of voter suppression and Russian meddling via Facebook and other trolls. Trump is a con-man, he has been since his early days. For a fair and objective view who DJT really is watch Frontline's profile of him.
7:56 am

The use of the birther conspiracy as DJT's springboard to the Presidency is blatant racism. "Not all Trump supporters are racists, but all racists are Trump supporters" is a fair statement based on the birther conspiracy alone.
8:14 am

The reality is that Trump HAD to win. If he had not then the fact that he lost the popular vote by 3million plus votes would have put a big stake in the heart of the lie the GOP is trying to sell us. That a majority of the people in this country believe Hillary was complicit in Benghazi, Killed her staffer, etc.. That the majority of people don't want National Health care, that the majority of the people want Trickle Down economics. This was not an election of DJT it was a last gasp of the Reagan republicans to further their agenda. They couldn't get one of their own to pull it off because they have all been discredited and their own party wouldn't even give them the nomination. So they allow and support a straw man, an "outsider", a "maverick" someone who is going to "shake things up" Yet as far as I can see... Same old GOP. Tax cuts for the rich, war mongering, bending over for Big Pharma. Congrats Trump voters, You did get fooled again.
8:18 am
Penguin\ny-trump-doubled-down-on-the-central-park-five\n.html is further evidence of President Trump being a racist.
8:20 am

The shameful thing Penguin is not only that Trump is a racist but that he uses racism to advance himself financially and politcally. It is bad enough if you are a bigot, but when you fuel that bigotry in others to benefit yourself you are a truly evil person.
8:55 am

Also a shame that so many good Americans became unwitting dupes of Russian propaganda,\nection-hacking. I seem to remember most Americans, notably most Republicans, being anti-Ruskie.
9:07 am

Republicans are not racist, they are not fascists, the are not anti-communist they are only Pro-Donor money. They will take any side on any issue that benefits them financially to retain their power. If we could come up with enough money to ensure Louie Gomert's reelection then he would be Pro Choice in a heartbeat.
9:31 am

A tiny correction, Tuco. Most Republicans are not "only Pro-Donor money"; that is a description of most Republican (and many Democrat) politicians. Voters of both parties are usually not paying attention to the money behind the candidates.
11:32 am

TallMike - You simply are not sensitive to the feelings of others. If your only rebuttal is that Trump got applause at the UN, it's only because everyone is mannered there - again, that's called diplomacy.
11:35 am

TallMike - As for the EU, in Europe, some countries are more democratic than others - take Poland for example. Even though they have been out from under the Soviet boot for over 2 decades - they are still struggling to return to being it's own sovereign nation. They are still facing 'Russian' pressure: "You can
11:39 am

't tear down "OUR" statues. Really??? Still???? Those fuckers on par with Hitler, in terms of atrocities committed. Why does this remain an issue? Majority of Great Britain now regrets Brexit. A strong Europe is to everyone's benefit & the last thing they need is shaking up - they need to be brought together. I think you're missing the essential fact here, there & always: True Change Takes Time.
11:50 am

Diane - Don't be so quick in making that assumption. Even though I post the US flag, that's because it's where I live. Even though I was born here, I didn't learn to speak English before I was 5, I already was fluent in Polish & Italian. Both my parents fought, actively fought, in WWII from beginning to end - I have been hearing about their experiences since I can remember. They did save the truly gruesome ones until I was a teenager, and one I didn't even find out about until my father, when he was old, had Pick's disease & started re-living the torture he experienced at the hands of the Russians. I have traveled to Europe, many times, total, I've probably spent 2 years living there. But, hey ALL my relatives live there, and we keep in contact. Also look at the flags of the posters here who are giving you their first hand views of the president - I see Australia & France. And please, look at the Babblers, although they often shy away from religion & politics, when the do talk politics, it's the same thing - and you have much broader world-wide participation on that site. All say the same thing. They say it even more strongly on Facebook.
12:56 pm

helenkeller, you and many others are making the big mistake of assuming that majority opinions expressed through social media accurately represent entire populations. How many more elections do you have to lose before you will recognize that?
1:30 pm

@MrOoijer: For example, the EU Common Fisheries policy permanently crippled the Scottish fishing industry. Ultimately it also severely depleted fish stocks throughout Europe.\nry/articles/fishing.htm
2:11 pm

@TallMike those fishing policies have been accepted by the UK in 1971 even before they joined the EU. Those are not "arbirtrary regulations." You might not like them but is was a politival decision by the UK. In the same period Norway did not ratify these policies and stayed outside the EU.
3:43 pm

Continuous, moderate pace of clicking. 14.
3:45 pm

done - that is exactly right UTH !
3:46 pm

diving back into 2011... splash
5:26 pm

Here's another take on the Central Park 5\n3.html
Maybe the Central Park 5 did the deed. It could be that Trump is not a racist. I'm not aware of anyone leveling that charge before he announced he was seeking the Republican nomination for President.
5:29 pm

Tuco, you can send your contributions here:
6:21 pm
Phil is a link to an article I urge people to read. A good example of in depth journalism from the BBC hidden amongst a larger article is a link to this Woodrow Wilson college football team and its coach Preston Brown, to whom I would say this if I ever met him. Preston Brown, you have my upmost respect, you are a shining example of humanity at it's best. If you were an Australian I would gladly nominate you for Australian of the year for your dedicated work for your community that goes far and above your job as a teacher.
6:35 pm

Our freedom to peacefully protest has been a hard fought one. Injustice in the world still exists everywhere. For a US President to abuse, intimidate and effectively incite racial tension in this way has highlighted to me his true colours. I am appalled. I hope there are a lot of white footballers who now take the knee out of respect for their black colleagues and to show Trump that his comments were not acceptable in any shape or form.
7:39 pm

drwho, the Central Park Five were released when DNA evidence provided that none of them was the rapist. The rest of Coulter's article is a claim that they were hooligans that might have committed the rape anyway. The last point is contrary to the evidence. As to being hooligans, that is disputable but if true is not a capital offense. Demanding the death penalty for those who did not commit a capital offense is heinous.

And contrary to Coulter's assertions, I don't know of anyone, liberal or conservative, who is pro-rapist. Such hyperbole, typical of Ms. Coulter and of President Trump, is not worth the time of decent people.
7:44 pm

TallMike, you write about majority opinions. The majority of the people voted in one direction and the majority of the Electoral College voted in the other direction. Either side claiming a clear majority is erroneous.

Such party-driven divisiveness is not healthy. There are important real issues to discuss and debate.
11:16 pm

@MrOoijer: The European common fisheries policy was arbitrary for more than 20 years, starting in 1970, because there was no legal basis for it until the treaty of Maastricht was signed in 1992. The fact that the UK government chose not to challenge the common fisheries policy, to the dismay of the Scottish people, does not make the common fisheries policy any more legal or any less arbitrary.
The principle of open access to all EEC members' waters did not exist at all before 30 June 1970, when it was adopted by the agricultural ministers of the six existing members of the EEC mere hours before the UK and three other countries submitted their applications for EEC membership. The open access principle was formalized in October 1970 by EEC Council Regulation 2141/70 based on Articles 7, 42, 43 and 235 of the Treaty of Rome, even though the relevance of Article 235 was extremely doubtful and the EEC's own legal team had concluded that the first three articles did not apply at all.\nies.pdf
11:27 pm

Penguin, I wrote about majority opinions expressed through social media not accurately representing entire populations. That has nothing to do with the Electoral College. It is about that fact that social media participants are not a representative cross section of people in general, and social media channels are not well suited to complicated issues which require detailed analysis and explanation.